Rehearsals begin January 22


WEDNESDAY, February 12        3pm-7pm                   All principals (staging ACT I)

THURSDAY, February 13            6pm-8pm                   Choreography . 6pm-8pm .  FULL CAST  ONE NORMAL NIGHT

SATURDAY, February 15          9am-12pm                   Principals, staging

                                                  12:30 pm-3pm             FULL CAST (running and adding into ACT I)

SUNDAY, February 16              12pm-2pm                   FULL DISCLOSURE (Principals and select ensemble**)

                                                   2pm-4pm                   NO SECRETS (Morticia, Alice and NO SECRETS WOMEN*)


TUESDAY, February 18              6pm-8pm                  TANGO  Gomez, Morticia 

WEDNESDAY, February 19       3pm-7pm                   FULL CAST blocking/review

THURSDAY, February 20           6pm-8pm                  TANGO Gomez, Morticia and TANGO DANCERS

SATURDAY, February 22           10am-4pm                 FULL CAST run-through/blocking/choreography

SUNDAY, February 23                12pm-4pm                FULL CAST staging/choreography

MONDAY, February 24              3pm-8pm                   PRINCIPALS only (Staging)

TUESDAY, February 25              6pm-9pm                  MOON AND ME, NO SECRETS, FULL DISCLOSURE

WEDNESDAY, February 26       3pm-6pm                  FULL CAST

                                                   6pm-9pm                  PRINCIPALS only

THURSDAY, February 27          3pm-8pm                   FULL CAST work through show and choreography

** FULL DISCLOSURE featured ensemble:  Logan Hails, Jack O'Neill, Dennis Stanko, Gabbey Dawley, Cassie Snyder, Rebecca Murray, Britney Zimmer, Morgan Smeal, Alison Dallmus, Bradyn Stephenson, Jordan Dawley, Lila Kelley, Grace Toman, Sophia Kozar, Ave Kozar, Bella Boehm, Natalee Hails, Olivia Penrod, Gretchen Hummel, Carson Rostek, Noah Lewis, Erin Hampton 


*** NO SECRETS WOMEN:  Gabbey Dawley, Morgan Smeal, Alison Dallmus, Britney Zimmer, Olivia Penrod, Ave Kozar,

Lila Kelley, Gabby Dangelo            

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